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Some of the best pickup trucks available today are from Detroit, Michigan. Today, we will be looking at 2 of the Big 3’s best trucks – the Dodge Ram and the Ford F150.

Throughout the last few years, the best-selling automobile in the United States has been the Ford F150. Ford has been extremely innovative with their designs and marketing. They now have the best fuel efficiency among trucks. They have been leaders in technology inside and outside the cabin. They have intertwined their famous “Sync”, which is powered by Microsoft. They also have some of the best performing truck engines on the market.

In contrast, the Dodge Ram has been one of the toughest looking trucks to be ever released. At first glance, one can clearly see this is a truck you do not want to mess with. Although this may not seem like a strong selling point, it actually proves to be an important aspect among the truck faithful. Additionally, the Dodge Ram has the best towing capabilities among other trucks in the market. They also have a higher variance of selections, which greatly widens the price range of trucks. The wider price range allows for more potential buyers.

In the end, one can’t go wrong with either truck. Both of these vehicles are great in their own perspective. It is up to the consumer to see which perspective they prefer.

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Anticipation has grown over the last few months in regards to the new Ford F150. After Ford announced the truck in the summer, people have been extremely excited for its release. Although some information had been released about the new Ford F150, the Detroit automaker has kept a lot of other information at their headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. They announced that the truck would be made out of aluminum rather than steel panels. With the alternate metal, many questions arise. Its durability has been called to question. Also, the fuel efficiency should be drastically better than that of a truck with steel panels.

Luckily, Ford has released the fuel efficiency for their highly anticipated truck. They state that their truck will average 18 miles per gallon when in the city, which is 5 miles per gallon more efficient than their previous model. Additionally, the new F150 will average 23 miles per gallon on the highway, which is 3 miles per gallon greater than last year’s model. This has many consumers extremely excited, especially because traditionally trucks average very poor fuel efficiency. With the enhanced fuel economy on the new Ford F150, experts think that the pickup truck will sell extremely well.

We look forward to seeing these trucks on the road.

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Ford has just announced that they have built their last steel framed F-150. Although seemingly quiet news, this is the closure of a major chapter for Ford Motor Company. The era of steel is out, ushering the new era of aluminum in. Many of us remember how excited we were when our fathers brought home an F-150. This truck is an icon to many parts of the United States. So many people rely on the dependability of this truck. Generally, the F-series leads the United States in sales. This is new territory for major motor companies. Ford is in uncharted territory with this new technology. In the past, aluminum has rarely been used for truck frames. Many questions are raised with the use of it. People are speculating that the F-150 may not be as durable. Ford has most likely done numerous, in-depth tests on these critical points. Obviously they would not be releasing this to the public if they had failed this tests. Additionally, many safety issues arise due to aluminum being weaker than steel. These must not be significant issues, since they plan to sell them to the public.  The nation is looking forward to seeing what this new generation of trucks will bring.

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There has been much anticipation in regards to release of the all-new Ford F-150. Ford has been developing this truck over the last 5 years. With the innovative new technology of aluminum based panels, Ford is hoping that it will significantly impact their sales. Having aluminum based panels makes the car significantly lighter in weight. With the reduction of weight, the gas mileage of the truck becomes much more efficient. They are hoping that a reduction of the rate of miles per gallon will attract more potential buyers. Recent studies show that fuel efficiency of vehicles are major factors in the sales of automobiles. Now this study was not exclusive to trucks. Generally, the truck market has not been as concerned with fuel efficiency, but within the last few years it appears that importance of fuel efficiency has increased. They are hoping that these figures will pay off in sales, as fuel efficiency has been on the increase. The optimized gas mileage should pay off.

As of now, no other competitors offer aluminum body panels on their trucks. Ford will begin shipping their new truck to dealerships starting next month.

Knowing the anticipation for this release, we should expect the trucks to sell very quickly.

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Ford has recently announced that they will be introducing their all-new, redesigned Explorer to the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2016.

This recent announcement is in light of their recent struggles in sales for the current Explorer. Ford hopes that the new model will make a big and loud splash in the upcoming auto show. Although official pictures have not been released, spy photos are beginning to surface the internet as the auto show date approaches. Excitement is starting to grow due to the increase of unofficial pictures on the web. Consumers are anticipating that they will introduce a whole new line of engines that will be made available with the redone model. Ford hopes to surpass the high expectations of this new model.

We look forward to seeing the new Explorer in LA.

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Ford has recently announced that they will be recalling over 100,000 SUV’s and trucks due to a loss of steering control, which has proven to be a very serious and detrimental issue on their latest vehicles. They are going to be recalling this issue on the F-150 and the Flex. This issue is in result of a faulty repair to a specific part that controls much of the so called “feel” we obtain while driving these machines. Additionally, there are also other malfunctions involving faulty airbags in the front passenger seat. Once Ford realized that these issues were common, they did not hesitate to announce that they would be recalling a significant amount of SUV’s and trucks.

Let’s hope that this issue gets solved efficiently and quickly with no fatalities.

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