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Diesel engine technology has been around for a long time. It was originally introduced as a fuel that burns more efficiently than unleaded gasoline, which is true. The downside about diesel engines is that they tend to be slow off the line and burn dirtier than that of a regular gasoline engine. The Diesel trend really took off in Europe, with companies selling a very significant amount of diesel vehicles. Diesel engines have always been very prominent in Europe ever since their introduction. That did not correlate to sales in the United States though. Only recently has Diesel started trending in the U.S.

General Motors has taken initiative to begin offering a wider selection of trucks with Diesel engines. The technology within the diesel engines has improved tremendously as time has progressed. The engines now burn much cleaner. They are also now comparable to regular gasoline engines in regards to acceleration. General Motors plans to cash in on this updated technology. They will be offering around 2 times the amount of diesel engines in their trucks starting in 2015 than they did in the previous year.

This should prove to be a very smart move, as Americans are now growing onto the idea of Diesel engine being a prominent form of fuel in the United States.

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Ford has made a lot of news lately in regards to their next generation F150. Ford recently showed the world how advanced their new trucks will be. General Motors previously was unaware how advanced Ford’s trucks really were, but after a closer analysis, they realized that they are very far behind the pace that Ford is setting. The use of aluminum in the new trucks that Ford is producing is a relatively unknown area for most other truck providers. This really caught General Motors off guard when they heard the news that all of Ford’s next generation trucks will be stock with Aluminum panels. Ford had been testing aluminum over the past few years, while no other company really thought that aluminum could be utilized on trucks due to the flimsiness of the metal.

General Motors has announced that they will be fast tracking the development of their next generation trucks. This means that they will be rushing to the finish line with their product. You can expect many engineers and designers to be spending late nights at the office for the remainder of the duration of the trucks creation. They are hoping to catch up to Ford and surpass the pace that they are setting.

Let’s hope that they reach their goal.

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