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Looking for a beefier truck than that of the typical Silverado, F150, or Ram? Our team decided to take the GMC Canyon for a spin. This truck proved to be much more powerful than that of the typical standard trucks, as its torque and horsepower was much higher than the usual trucks you see people driving. This truck would be ideal for the people that like to take their boat up to a lake on the weekend. It’s also a step up when off of the asphalt. This truck powers through off road terrain, making it a very well rounded truck. Although there are many positives to this truck, there are also a few negatives that come along with it. The gas mileage is not ideal. The wider tires and larger engine make the fuel economy on the GMC Canyon less than average. Additionally, the passenger experience misses the mark. The overall ride of the car proves to be very uncomfortable, seemingly feeling every single imperfection on the asphalt. If you are a consumer that does not mind forking over extra cash for fuel and can ignore a rough ride, this truck is definitely for you.  With a reasonable MSRP, this truck is very justifiable.

With the amenities outweighing the negatives, this truck proves to be a very impressive vehicle.

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Lately, the world around us has been adapting to the high-speed life. Nearly everywhere people go, WIFI is available. One of the last places to convert over to WIFI is the automobile. Starting soon, that will not be the case. GMC plans to offer wireless internet in their Denalis. This will allow easy and efficient access to the internet. Hopefully, this creature comfort will significantly impact General Motor’s sales. Consumers have seen a decreasing amount of Denali’s on the roads. This adaptation to the interior should prove to be a great selling point on their new Denali. With the update of the interior, lets hope they modernize what’s under the hood as well.

We look forward to seeing what results the addition of this technology will yield.


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