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Since Nissan released the Titan in 2005, sales have never met the expectations that the developers in Tokyo thought they would. Throughout the first few years of its release, they were met with respectable sales. The Nissan Titan was never flying off the dealership, but it was in relative demand. Then the recession hit in 2008 in the United States, the main consumers of trucks. As soon as the recession started, the Nissan Titan was rarely seen on the roads. This really hurt Nissan, as they had difficulty utilizing funds to redevelop the truck, considering that there was really not a demand for one. With these lack of funds, they had virtually no updates over the last ten years. With no updates, they have really struggled in sales with this truck. The engine has been updated once, with a few updates in the interior. But these improvements barely sufficed, as many are surprised that this truck has not been discontinued in reality.

Rumors are surfacing that Nissan may actually be in the midst of recreating their below average truck. Although nothing official has surfaced, many sources believe this news to be true. Let’s hope these sources are accurate, because this truck truly needs updates and improvements. They also need to compete with the extremely advanced American trucks like the new Ford F150.

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