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The last few winters have not been kind to the Dodge Ram. Even though it’s a big and powerful truck, the Ram has been receiving its fair share of criticism. They have been reported to really underperform in the snow, which is the opposite of how a truck is supposed to handle in the snow. Their competitors are really taking advantage of Ram’s lack of performance in the winter terrain. With this recent uproar, Dodge has decided to begin offering a snow package on all of their Rams. This has the Ram enthusiasts very excited. The original reports are saying that they will be providing a wider tire base, which should prove to dominate in the winter terrain. Additionally, they will tune the suspension to maximize its performance when driving in the snow. Other reports are suggesting that they will also provide options in regards to the gear box. The different settings allow users to maximize their performance on varying terrains. With all of this optioned, this should make the Dodge Ram a much more competitive truck in the snow for this upcoming year. Dodge has timed this release right before the winter so that they will maximize their profits for the season.

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Dodge has sold a tremendous amount of Ram’s over the last few years. Many people are attracted to the very tough and aggressive looking truck, as it is looked upon as one of the better looking trucks on the market. The Ram has gotten very impressive reviews in regards to its durability. The Chevy Silverado has garnered sales from its towing abilities and its lower price in comparison to many other trucks. The Silverado is generalized as one of the most reliable trucks on the market.

The Dependability of a truck is one of the most important features that consumers take into account when purchasing a pickup. The Dodge Ram and the Chevrolet Silverado are looked upon as leaders in the reliability category of trucks. Naturally, we had to rank the two. We took a sample of owners of each truck and asked for their feedback. We also drove both trucks substantially, testing their durability. Our results state that both trucks are very impressive. The owners gave minimal complaints for both trucks. We had very few issues when we drove the trucks, as they both handled their own in durability.

With the consensus being that both trucks are exceptional in reliability, we decided that the Chevrolet Silverado was more durable — due to the lower price of the truck in comparison to the Dodge Ram. The price for durability for the Silverado is lower, making it our winner.

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Some of the best pickup trucks available today are from Detroit, Michigan. Today, we will be looking at 2 of the Big 3’s best trucks – the Dodge Ram and the Ford F150.

Throughout the last few years, the best-selling automobile in the United States has been the Ford F150. Ford has been extremely innovative with their designs and marketing. They now have the best fuel efficiency among trucks. They have been leaders in technology inside and outside the cabin. They have intertwined their famous “Sync”, which is powered by Microsoft. They also have some of the best performing truck engines on the market.

In contrast, the Dodge Ram has been one of the toughest looking trucks to be ever released. At first glance, one can clearly see this is a truck you do not want to mess with. Although this may not seem like a strong selling point, it actually proves to be an important aspect among the truck faithful. Additionally, the Dodge Ram has the best towing capabilities among other trucks in the market. They also have a higher variance of selections, which greatly widens the price range of trucks. The wider price range allows for more potential buyers.

In the end, one can’t go wrong with either truck. Both of these vehicles are great in their own perspective. It is up to the consumer to see which perspective they prefer.

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Over the past few years, Dodge has teased us with the idea of them introducing a super truck. They have been releasing teasers that have gotten us very excited for a potential super enhanced truck. Unfortunately, the CEO of Dodge has announced that they will not be releasing a 700 horsepower Hell cat. This was hard news for a lot of the Dodge faithful, as they had been anticipating that Dodge would provide a total bad ass truck. They thought that this would make them more competitive with something like the Ford Raptor, even though the 700 horsepower hell cat would be way out of its league.

Although the Chief Executive Officer ruled out an upcoming release of the 700 horsepower hell cat, he did not rule out a release of the truck sometime in the future. This news will keep the Dodge faithful on their seat, as they have been anticipating a truck like this for a very long time now. This truck would be totally jaw dropping, but it would most likely come with a hefty price tag, putting a lot of consumers out of its range.

Hopefully Dodge decides to release this super truck, as we grow anxious about hearing whether or not they will.

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Dodge has just confirmed that they will be making more options available to consumers for the Dodge Ram. After taking heat for not providing enough choices on their Ram, they have decided that they will provide more buyer-selected creature comforts. The news is getting very warm reception from Ram faithful. They have been upset with the lack of options for a significant period of time. New choices will include a selection of technology packages. Previously, the Ram had minimal options in regards to innovative technology packages. This new package will optimize the use of a driver’s phone while in the truck. This should have been offered a while ago, seeing that in today’s world a person and their phone act as one.

They will also be offering different trims of leather. The new leather is being introduced in hopes that it will attract more picky buyers. Dodge really took heat after not providing enough selections of leather. Many consumers believed that they were too basic for a Dodge Ram, and that they needed more diverse of a selection to really enhance the attractiveness of a car. With these additions to options, Dodge thinks that they will see an increase in sales.

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The last few winters have not been kind to the Dodge Ram. Even though it’s a big and powerful truck, the Ram has been...

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