Ram vs Silverado: Which Is Most Dependable?

Ram vs Silverado: Which Is Most Dependable?

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Dodge has sold a tremendous amount of Ram’s over the last few years. Many people are attracted to the very tough and aggressive looking truck, as it is looked upon as one of the better looking trucks on the market. The Ram has gotten very impressive reviews in regards to its durability. The Chevy Silverado has garnered sales from its towing abilities and its lower price in comparison to many other trucks. The Silverado is generalized as one of the most reliable trucks on the market.

The Dependability of a truck is one of the most important features that consumers take into account when purchasing a pickup. The Dodge Ram and the Chevrolet Silverado are looked upon as leaders in the reliability category of trucks. Naturally, we had to rank the two. We took a sample of owners of each truck and asked for their feedback. We also drove both trucks substantially, testing their durability. Our results state that both trucks are very impressive. The owners gave minimal complaints for both trucks. We had very few issues when we drove the trucks, as they both handled their own in durability.

With the consensus being that both trucks are exceptional in reliability, we decided that the Chevrolet Silverado was more durable — due to the lower price of the truck in comparison to the Dodge Ram. The price for durability for the Silverado is lower, making it our winner.


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