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Dodge has sold a tremendous amount of Ram’s over the last few years. Many people are attracted to the very tough and aggressive looking truck, as it is looked upon as one of the better looking trucks on the market. The Ram has gotten very impressive reviews in regards to its durability. The Chevy Silverado has garnered sales from its towing abilities and its lower price in comparison to many other trucks. The Silverado is generalized as one of the most reliable trucks on the market.

The Dependability of a truck is one of the most important features that consumers take into account when purchasing a pickup. The Dodge Ram and the Chevrolet Silverado are looked upon as leaders in the reliability category of trucks. Naturally, we had to rank the two. We took a sample of owners of each truck and asked for their feedback. We also drove both trucks substantially, testing their durability. Our results state that both trucks are very impressive. The owners gave minimal complaints for both trucks. We had very few issues when we drove the trucks, as they both handled their own in durability.

With the consensus being that both trucks are exceptional in reliability, we decided that the Chevrolet Silverado was more durable — due to the lower price of the truck in comparison to the Dodge Ram. The price for durability for the Silverado is lower, making it our winner.

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With a reportedly long and snowy winter ahead of us, many consumers are looking for trucks that will get them through the season. The Chevy Silverado has proven to be one of the top options for those who are concerned with traction. Chevrolet knew that their truck would be one of the top performers on and off the road when they released it to the public. They had intentionally invested countless time and money into creating a superb truck to perform off the road. This bold move seems to be paying off. Chevy Silverado’s are flying off the dealership lots. One can assume that the upcoming winter has an effect on their exceptional sales.  

Recently, the Chevy Silverado has been receiving critical acclaim due to the numerous off-roading events that Chevrolet has been entering their truck into. The drivers at these events give raving reviews of the truck, which leads to newspapers and magazines reporting their claims. These claims go a long way because consumers are often very influenced by them, especially in today’s world where reviews can be so easily accessed.  The 6 Liter V8 engine, along with the wide set tires, allow the Chevrolet Silverado to power through some of the toughest terrain. Snow, Sand, Mud, you name it, the Chevy Silverado can conquer it.

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Diesel engine technology has been around for a long time. It was originally introduced as a fuel that burns more efficiently than unleaded gasoline, which is true. The downside about diesel engines is that they tend to be slow off the line and burn dirtier than that of a regular gasoline engine. The Diesel trend really took off in Europe, with companies selling a very significant amount of diesel vehicles. Diesel engines have always been very prominent in Europe ever since their introduction. That did not correlate to sales in the United States though. Only recently has Diesel started trending in the U.S.

General Motors has taken initiative to begin offering a wider selection of trucks with Diesel engines. The technology within the diesel engines has improved tremendously as time has progressed. The engines now burn much cleaner. They are also now comparable to regular gasoline engines in regards to acceleration. General Motors plans to cash in on this updated technology. They will be offering around 2 times the amount of diesel engines in their trucks starting in 2015 than they did in the previous year.

This should prove to be a very smart move, as Americans are now growing onto the idea of Diesel engine being a prominent form of fuel in the United States.

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Some of the best pickup trucks available today are from Detroit, Michigan. Today, we will be looking at 2 of the Big 3’s best trucks – the Dodge Ram and the Ford F150.

Throughout the last few years, the best-selling automobile in the United States has been the Ford F150. Ford has been extremely innovative with their designs and marketing. They now have the best fuel efficiency among trucks. They have been leaders in technology inside and outside the cabin. They have intertwined their famous “Sync”, which is powered by Microsoft. They also have some of the best performing truck engines on the market.

In contrast, the Dodge Ram has been one of the toughest looking trucks to be ever released. At first glance, one can clearly see this is a truck you do not want to mess with. Although this may not seem like a strong selling point, it actually proves to be an important aspect among the truck faithful. Additionally, the Dodge Ram has the best towing capabilities among other trucks in the market. They also have a higher variance of selections, which greatly widens the price range of trucks. The wider price range allows for more potential buyers.

In the end, one can’t go wrong with either truck. Both of these vehicles are great in their own perspective. It is up to the consumer to see which perspective they prefer.

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When the recession hit, the automotive market took a very big hit. The big 3 really struggled to put automobiles on the roads, along with overseas companies as well. The truck and SUV market took the biggest hit out of the different types of vehicles. This is not surprising considering that trucks and sports utility vehicles are generally more money than crossovers and sedans. While the recession was hitting, companies sold record lows of trucks and SUV’s. Many companies had trouble with how to market these vehicles because it was very hard to justify why a consumer should pay more money than what was necessary for an automobile.

This market really needed a spark to increase sales, and they might have just found it. With gas prices being as low as they have been in recent time, truck and sports utility vehicle sales have been soaring. Consumers have been less focused on their gas guzzling traits and more on some of the benefits of these types of automobiles.  Sales have been higher now than they have been in the last ten years. This is truly great for automakers, allowing them to fully sell their whole fleet of vehicles.

It’s great to see trucks and SUV’s selling again.

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Anticipation has grown over the last few months in regards to the new Ford F150. After Ford announced the truck in the summer, people have been extremely excited for its release. Although some information had been released about the new Ford F150, the Detroit automaker has kept a lot of other information at their headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. They announced that the truck would be made out of aluminum rather than steel panels. With the alternate metal, many questions arise. Its durability has been called to question. Also, the fuel efficiency should be drastically better than that of a truck with steel panels.

Luckily, Ford has released the fuel efficiency for their highly anticipated truck. They state that their truck will average 18 miles per gallon when in the city, which is 5 miles per gallon more efficient than their previous model. Additionally, the new F150 will average 23 miles per gallon on the highway, which is 3 miles per gallon greater than last year’s model. This has many consumers extremely excited, especially because traditionally trucks average very poor fuel efficiency. With the enhanced fuel economy on the new Ford F150, experts think that the pickup truck will sell extremely well.

We look forward to seeing these trucks on the road.

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Since Nissan released the Titan in 2005, sales have never met the expectations that the developers in Tokyo thought they would. Throughout the first few years of its release, they were met with respectable sales. The Nissan Titan was never flying off the dealership, but it was in relative demand. Then the recession hit in 2008 in the United States, the main consumers of trucks. As soon as the recession started, the Nissan Titan was rarely seen on the roads. This really hurt Nissan, as they had difficulty utilizing funds to redevelop the truck, considering that there was really not a demand for one. With these lack of funds, they had virtually no updates over the last ten years. With no updates, they have really struggled in sales with this truck. The engine has been updated once, with a few updates in the interior. But these improvements barely sufficed, as many are surprised that this truck has not been discontinued in reality.

Rumors are surfacing that Nissan may actually be in the midst of recreating their below average truck. Although nothing official has surfaced, many sources believe this news to be true. Let’s hope these sources are accurate, because this truck truly needs updates and improvements. They also need to compete with the extremely advanced American trucks like the new Ford F150.

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After the Ford Raptor’s release, many truck enthusiasts were wondering when another truck company would counter Ford’s truck. For nearly 4 years, the Ford Raptor has had no competition in regards to off road trucks. The Raptor has garnered solid sales for being such a pricy truck, but with all of its off road and sport capabilities, no one is surprised. In order to rival some of Ford’s sales, Chevrolet will be releasing the Colorado ZR2. This truck will be Chevrolet’s version of the Ford Raptor.

This has Chevy enthusiast’s extremely excited. If it’s as badass as the Ford Raptor, it will truly be a great competition of trucks. The early reports on the truck is that it will have 2 options of engines. One option will have a 6.2 liter V8, with the other option being 5.8 L V8. These options of engines are most likely to help compete with the Ford Raptor, as their engine options consist of the same sized engines. We can assume that the Chevy Colorado ZR2 will be competing in many off road races like the events held in Baja California. It will be interesting to see who will win more races, the Ford Raptor or the Chevy Colorado ZR2? An even better question is which car will be better selling?

Only time can tell.


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When one thinks of trucks, the first things that come to mind might be the Ford F150, the Chevy Silverado, or maybe the Dodge Ram. With all of these great trucks, it can be easy to overlook the trucks that come from overseas. But Toyota’s latest Tundra is receiving extremely warm reviews. Previously, the Tundra had been criticized for a lack of durability and pulling power. Now, it appears that Toyota has hammered out these issues. Their updated truck seems to not have these problems anymore. The resolution of these problems is huge for Toyota because critics really hammered their company for these issues.

They also made their truck look much tougher. Previously it looked like the truck would get run over by a Prius, but now this truck owns the roads. This truck will dominate the asphalt, and consumers and critics are finally realizing it. Sales have gone up over the last 3 months, which is when the Tundra really started being available at dealerships. It seemed like that they became available, and then very quickly became sold out. It seems that Toyota’s new problem will be keeping inventory with the Tundra, rather than its old problems.

Hey, that’s a good problem to have.

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Ford has made a lot of news lately in regards to their next generation F150. Ford recently showed the world how advanced their new trucks will be. General Motors previously was unaware how advanced Ford’s trucks really were, but after a closer analysis, they realized that they are very far behind the pace that Ford is setting. The use of aluminum in the new trucks that Ford is producing is a relatively unknown area for most other truck providers. This really caught General Motors off guard when they heard the news that all of Ford’s next generation trucks will be stock with Aluminum panels. Ford had been testing aluminum over the past few years, while no other company really thought that aluminum could be utilized on trucks due to the flimsiness of the metal.

General Motors has announced that they will be fast tracking the development of their next generation trucks. This means that they will be rushing to the finish line with their product. You can expect many engineers and designers to be spending late nights at the office for the remainder of the duration of the trucks creation. They are hoping to catch up to Ford and surpass the pace that they are setting.

Let’s hope that they reach their goal.

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