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Looking for a beefier truck than that of the typical Silverado, F150, or Ram? Our team decided to take the GMC Canyon for a spin. This truck proved to be much more powerful than that of the typical standard trucks, as its torque and horsepower was much higher than the usual trucks you see people driving. This truck would be ideal for the people that like to take their boat up to a lake on the weekend. It’s also a step up when off of the asphalt. This truck powers through off road terrain, making it a very well rounded truck. Although there are many positives to this truck, there are also a few negatives that come along with it. The gas mileage is not ideal. The wider tires and larger engine make the fuel economy on the GMC Canyon less than average. Additionally, the passenger experience misses the mark. The overall ride of the car proves to be very uncomfortable, seemingly feeling every single imperfection on the asphalt. If you are a consumer that does not mind forking over extra cash for fuel and can ignore a rough ride, this truck is definitely for you.  With a reasonable MSRP, this truck is very justifiable.

With the amenities outweighing the negatives, this truck proves to be a very impressive vehicle.

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Over the past few years, Dodge has teased us with the idea of them introducing a super truck. They have been releasing teasers that have gotten us very excited for a potential super enhanced truck. Unfortunately, the CEO of Dodge has announced that they will not be releasing a 700 horsepower Hell cat. This was hard news for a lot of the Dodge faithful, as they had been anticipating that Dodge would provide a total bad ass truck. They thought that this would make them more competitive with something like the Ford Raptor, even though the 700 horsepower hell cat would be way out of its league.

Although the Chief Executive Officer ruled out an upcoming release of the 700 horsepower hell cat, he did not rule out a release of the truck sometime in the future. This news will keep the Dodge faithful on their seat, as they have been anticipating a truck like this for a very long time now. This truck would be totally jaw dropping, but it would most likely come with a hefty price tag, putting a lot of consumers out of its range.

Hopefully Dodge decides to release this super truck, as we grow anxious about hearing whether or not they will.

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The truck loyal buyers are very happy as of right now. With gas being as cheap as it has been in the last few years, truck sales are trending. These recent sales have been very fortunate for truck providers. The Dodge Ram has been selling like crazy, along with the F-150. The most surprising statistic is that the Chevrolet Silverado is outselling both of these established trucks. Truck sales are also up because they have such a great selection to choose from. One can’t go wrong with any of these vehicles. Chevrolet Silverados have been rolling off dealer lots for the last few months. They are offering great APR rates for those who buy this truck. Also, with the economy making a relative rebound, more consumers are likely to go out and purchase a new truck. Additionally, according to the farmer’s almanac, we are in for another horrendous winter. Consumers are very likely to go out and purchase a Silverado. The Chevy Silverado has raving reviews about its performance in the snow. Chevrolet has many great snow packages. These packages range from lower end pricing, to a very luxurious and pricey option. This has appeal to the mass public. We are looking forward to seeing more Sivlerados on the road.

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Ford has just announced that they have built their last steel framed F-150. Although seemingly quiet news, this is the closure of a major chapter for Ford Motor Company. The era of steel is out, ushering the new era of aluminum in. Many of us remember how excited we were when our fathers brought home an F-150. This truck is an icon to many parts of the United States. So many people rely on the dependability of this truck. Generally, the F-series leads the United States in sales. This is new territory for major motor companies. Ford is in uncharted territory with this new technology. In the past, aluminum has rarely been used for truck frames. Many questions are raised with the use of it. People are speculating that the F-150 may not be as durable. Ford has most likely done numerous, in-depth tests on these critical points. Obviously they would not be releasing this to the public if they had failed this tests. Additionally, many safety issues arise due to aluminum being weaker than steel. These must not be significant issues, since they plan to sell them to the public.  The nation is looking forward to seeing what this new generation of trucks will bring.

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Dodge has just confirmed that they will be making more options available to consumers for the Dodge Ram. After taking heat for not providing enough choices on their Ram, they have decided that they will provide more buyer-selected creature comforts. The news is getting very warm reception from Ram faithful. They have been upset with the lack of options for a significant period of time. New choices will include a selection of technology packages. Previously, the Ram had minimal options in regards to innovative technology packages. This new package will optimize the use of a driver’s phone while in the truck. This should have been offered a while ago, seeing that in today’s world a person and their phone act as one.

They will also be offering different trims of leather. The new leather is being introduced in hopes that it will attract more picky buyers. Dodge really took heat after not providing enough selections of leather. Many consumers believed that they were too basic for a Dodge Ram, and that they needed more diverse of a selection to really enhance the attractiveness of a car. With these additions to options, Dodge thinks that they will see an increase in sales.

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There has been much anticipation in regards to release of the all-new Ford F-150. Ford has been developing this truck over the last 5 years. With the innovative new technology of aluminum based panels, Ford is hoping that it will significantly impact their sales. Having aluminum based panels makes the car significantly lighter in weight. With the reduction of weight, the gas mileage of the truck becomes much more efficient. They are hoping that a reduction of the rate of miles per gallon will attract more potential buyers. Recent studies show that fuel efficiency of vehicles are major factors in the sales of automobiles. Now this study was not exclusive to trucks. Generally, the truck market has not been as concerned with fuel efficiency, but within the last few years it appears that importance of fuel efficiency has increased. They are hoping that these figures will pay off in sales, as fuel efficiency has been on the increase. The optimized gas mileage should pay off.

As of now, no other competitors offer aluminum body panels on their trucks. Ford will begin shipping their new truck to dealerships starting next month.

Knowing the anticipation for this release, we should expect the trucks to sell very quickly.

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Lately, the world around us has been adapting to the high-speed life. Nearly everywhere people go, WIFI is available. One of the last places to convert over to WIFI is the automobile. Starting soon, that will not be the case. GMC plans to offer wireless internet in their Denalis. This will allow easy and efficient access to the internet. Hopefully, this creature comfort will significantly impact General Motor’s sales. Consumers have seen a decreasing amount of Denali’s on the roads. This adaptation to the interior should prove to be a great selling point on their new Denali. With the update of the interior, lets hope they modernize what’s under the hood as well.

We look forward to seeing what results the addition of this technology will yield.


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Ford has recently announced that they will be introducing their all-new, redesigned Explorer to the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2016.

This recent announcement is in light of their recent struggles in sales for the current Explorer. Ford hopes that the new model will make a big and loud splash in the upcoming auto show. Although official pictures have not been released, spy photos are beginning to surface the internet as the auto show date approaches. Excitement is starting to grow due to the increase of unofficial pictures on the web. Consumers are anticipating that they will introduce a whole new line of engines that will be made available with the redone model. Ford hopes to surpass the high expectations of this new model.

We look forward to seeing the new Explorer in LA.

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Ford has recently announced that they will be recalling over 100,000 SUV’s and trucks due to a loss of steering control, which has proven to be a very serious and detrimental issue on their latest vehicles. They are going to be recalling this issue on the F-150 and the Flex. This issue is in result of a faulty repair to a specific part that controls much of the so called “feel” we obtain while driving these machines. Additionally, there are also other malfunctions involving faulty airbags in the front passenger seat. Once Ford realized that these issues were common, they did not hesitate to announce that they would be recalling a significant amount of SUV’s and trucks.

Let’s hope that this issue gets solved efficiently and quickly with no fatalities.

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