2015 Toyota Tacoma Emphasizes Off-roading

2015 Toyota Tacoma Emphasizes Off-roading

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The Toyota Tacoma is a bold truck that pops up in your face. The fact that the paint options are only black, white, and a reddish-orange, contributes to its boldness.

The design of the car, other than its one bold color, is not that impressive. The truck lacks flair and is both chunky and disjointed. In the cockpit, there is an improved texture from previous years but still with a plastic trim.

Since this Tacoma focused on updating its off-roading features, the on road elements remain a bit old school. The drive becomes very noisy going anywhere above 20 mph and the breaks are not very sharp.

The Tacoma begins to show what it’s really made of when you take it to a rough terrain. The truck has a basic four-wheel drive system and a locking differential to skid plates. It also has huge knobby tires and off-road suspensions. The materials on the truck are very durable and easy to clean, encouraging off-roading activities in this car. All the features of this car make it fully capable of driving on both dirt or climbing on sand dunes.

This truck is mainly for those looking for some serious off-roading, being that this is its main feature. Other aspects of this car appear to be lacking and updated and in general not impressive.