Top 3 Off-Roading Pickups

Top 3 Off-Roading Pickups

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#3: Chevy Colorado Z/71

This pickup is smaller than the Silverado but makes for a better off-roading vehicle. The smaller size inhibits branches and boulders catching the body and frame of the pickup on busy terrains. The truck offers a Z/71 off-road package that includes a hill decent control system, automatic locking rear, and an upgraded suspension with even better shocks. The Colorado is also an affordable vehicle priced at around $20,000.


#2: Ford Raptor

The Ford Raptor is both quick and can withstand unusual terrains making it the perfect truck to go off-roading. The stout 411 horsepower, 6.2-liter V-8 gives the Raptor the speed it has. At the same time the suspension, wide track, and 35-inch tires give the truck the tools it needs to ride in the dirt. It also consists of independent front and solid-axle rear suspension systems that are engineered to administer almost a foot of wheel travel at every corner. The Fox Racing shocks also cause the suspension to remain supple at high speeds.


#1: Ram Power Wagon

This ram has heavy-duty strengths and is great for various off-roading terrains. In muddy or challenging areas, this Power Wagon will lock the front and rear differentials and pull the truck through. Engineers for this truck have developed a new high movement, “Articulink”, that allows more flex in the suspension to keep the tires on the ground in rough terrain. You could also just simply press a button and the swaybar will disconnect in order to free up more of the suspension. This tuck is so well equipped for off-roading that you could say it is nearly impossible to get it stuck.