Top Trucks for Heavy Towing

Top Trucks for Heavy Towing

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#3: Ford F-350 Super Duty

This Super Duty is able to pull more than 24,000 pounds of towing capacity or 2 tons of payload capacity. The truck was previously used only for commercial use but has recently became available to the general public. It comes with an 8-foot bed and dual rear wheels to ensure greater weight handling and stability. If your intent of this truck is not to be pulling big loads, than this is not the right car for you.


#2: Chevy Silverado 3500HD

The HD in the trucks name stands for heavy duty, showing off its capabilities from the start.  This pickup provides a trailer-towing capacity of 23,200 pounds and a max payload of 7374 pounds. This is the most powerful pickup for Chevy. The Silverado provides plenty of options, with 3-cab configurations, two bed lengths, and two drive types. You will no doubt get everything you could ask for in this heavy duty truck.


#1: GMC Sierra 3500HD Denali

This top hauling truck can pull a max conventional trailering capacity of 19,600 pounds, max fifth-wheel trailering capacity of 23,200 pounds, and a max payload of 7,180 pounds. Along with all of its towing abilities, it is also a very visually appealing truck. It also has a very upscale design in the interior with a leather trim. This Sierra not only looks good, but works hard too.